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Without a Will, the rules of intestacy decides who inherits your estate and who will become guardians of your dependent children after you die. This may not be what you want to happen. Also, there is no consideration to tax efficiency, and it doesn't protect your estate from a challenge from creditors or other third parties. Everyone over 18 should have a Will that protects their assets and their loved ones.

Why can the price of a Will vary so much?

Not all Wills are the same. Some are more comprehensive and beneficial than others. Some provide only instructions for the executors (executors are people you nominate to deal with your estate after your death), others provide protection to assets, beneficiaries and their families. Will Writers have different skills and experience, and it turns out that many Wills are not legally valid, ambiguous, or do not do what was intended. This usually comes to light, after the testator (the person making the Will) dies. This can lead to those you want to leave part of your estate to, not inheriting. It might affect who becomes guardians of your children. It could tie your assets up in litigation for many years after your death.

Anyone can make a Will (of sound mind, over 18 years of age). You could write a Will yourself, use a Will pack, or online service. A man in the pub could write your Will, as could a professional such as a solicitor. It is better to use an experienced professional to write your Will, as there are many reasons why a Will might fail, or cause more harm than good after your death.

The price of a Will is obviously relevant, but it is more important to ensure that the Will provides the right outcomes for you and your loved ones. Saving £100 now, might cost you a thousand times more later. Paying too much for an inadequate Will isn't the answer either. This is why we provide a fully advised service to help you make better informed decisions, wo don't just take instructions.

So why choose Goodwills
for Will Writing Services?

You should use a company that you can trust. One that has proven they can deliver quality solutions that deliver the right outcomes. My name is Jon-Paul Edwards and I am the owner of Goodwills Trusted Outcomes. I am proud to work in conjunction with Goodwills Legal Services (GLS) and it's sister company, Premier Solicitors to help protect your assets and your loved ones.

GLS are an established Will Writing company and have a client bank of over 55,000 clients, who between them have made over 50,000 Wills and 15,000 Lasting Powers of Attorney. Premier solicitors share the same building as GLS, and a solicitor from Premier heads up the board of GLS too. Premier solicitors assist with the regulated areas such as probate and lifetime trusts. I am a senior consultant providing advice and support to clients the East Lindsey area, and I liaise with GLS and Premier Solicitors who will draft any legal paperwork required.

I have over 20 years experience advising in a professional capacity to a high standard, having held roles as a client Manager for Abbey National (now Santander), and an associate partner for St James's Place over the years. I have been involved with Goodwills for around 14 years. I know how to build good relationships with clients, and fully understand their needs. I have been trained to a high standard to deliver the right advice at a value for money price and back it all up with exceptional customer service.

Why can you trust us and our solutions to provide your required outcomes?

When we make your Will with you, we don't just take instructions. We make sure we understand your circumstances, document your needs and wants, and provide advice on this basis. Our service is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, and a file is held to show we have fully discussed what you want to do, and our recommendations provide the right potential outcomes.

We cover all of the points below. This may seem extremely daunting, but we cover this in a questionnaire that takes around 45 minutes to complete and we do the rest behind the scenes. We usually complete this during the initial consultation if you are happy to do so.


Is your Will legally valid?


Is your Will more liable to legal challenge?


Will your Will be dealt with appropriately on your death?


Is your Will adaptable with regards to known and unknown changes which might occur?


Will those you want to benefit, inherit as planned?


If someone who you want to inherit dies before they inherit, do those dealing with your Will understand what you want to happen instead?


Are steps taken to ensure that the estate (your assets) are not diminished without good cause before or after you die?


If you have dependent children, are your wishes known regarding who you want to look after them, and can they afford to do so?


Are your funeral wishes known, and can these be arranged with the minimum of fuss and heartache?


If there is likely to be an Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability, will funds be accessible to those dealing with your Will when this become due?


Are any existing Wills revoked (except maybe international Wills) when your new Will is made?


Are there any items that you put in your Will that you shouldn't? For example most joint accounts and jointly owned property where the tenancy hasn't been severed.


Is there any wording in your Will that is ambiguous or open to interpretation? This could cause the Will to fail, or be tied up for years.


Have you appointed knowledgeable and capable people to administer your will after you have died?


Have you made your executors (those who administer your Will) aware of their responsibilities, and have the confirmed they are happy to act?


Have you appointed reserves to administer your Will after you have died, should the original choices not be able to act?


Has your Will been protected against damage, loss, theft, defacement and do those that need to know, know where to find it when it is required?


Have you considered the impact that not having valid, correctly drafted Lasting Powers of Attorney might have on your loved ones and assets, should you lose capacity to make your own decisions?


Have you considered using lifetime trusts and lifetime gifting to reduce costs on your death such as probate fees, and also protect your assets from being diminished unnecessarily.


If you have a business, have you got sufficient clauses in your Will so that it can continue to operate after you die, whilst the company is held by the executors?

This list isn't exhaustive - when I have a discussion with you, it might open other areas of discussion. It is important to address every area relevant to your situation, as just getting one thing wrong could make or break whether your intentions are followed or not. Some companies offer "5 Minute Wills" and similar. I wonder how many of these important points are covered during this time?

What next?

You can continue to find out more information by browsing our website, or if you are ready to get the ball rolling you can get in contact with me.

I can offer you a free consultation which I can do in the comfort of your own home, or via the telephone, or you can visit us in Louth.

You have nothing to lose apart from a couple of hours of your time to see whether we are the right company and I am the right person to help you make your Will. Why not get in contact and arrange an appointment, or complete our online client questionnaire? I will be able to assess your circumstances, and explain what Goodwills can do to help.

I look forward to being able to help you get these matters resolved in a simple and straightforward manner.

Call me on 01507 707123, email goodwills@trustedoutcomes.co.uk or complete our online client questionnaire to get started.

Jon-Paul Edwards - your local Goodwills Senior Consultant can provide advice and support when Will Writing Services

Jon-Paul Edwards is an experienced Goodwills Senior Consultant. He lives local, is down to earth, speaks in plain English, and has strong family values.

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