Will Writing Services

Including Will Trusts & Custom Clauses.

A correctly written Will allows you to:

1. Appoint executors to follow your instructions.

2. Leave clear instructions for your executors.

3. Ensure that your assets and loved ones are protected after your death, and also across multiple generations for up to 125 years.

Unfortunately many Will writers and solicitors focus on the first two points only, and approximately 95% of new clients with existing Wills that we see do not initially have any protection which can literally make the difference between whether your beneficiaries inherit or do not inherit.

When clients realise what they are missing, it becomes an obvious priority to rewrite their Will. If they haven't got a Will, they quickly realise why they need a Will! Goodwills always includes this advice as standard.

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An ecstatic unmarried couple celebrating as they have arranged their Wills and have complete peace of mind.