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How much do you charge?
Our initial consultation, advice and recommendations is free. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote at this point, and it is up to you whether you proceed with some, all or none of our recommendations. Our charges depend on the complexity of the work involved, but typically our charges are around 20% to 30% cheaper than the typical high street solicitor.
Do you price match?
No! Not all services are the same, and all legal documents are drafted differently from firm to firm and cannot be compared like for like. Many lower cost services take instructions instead of providing an advice led service, or try to sell high end products on the back of the appointment. Our prices are already extremely competitive as we provide a full advice and recommendation service. If you can get a cheaper price elsewhere then there is a good chance that the provisions are not as good.
Can I have a have a home / office / remote consultation?
Yes. We can arrange for the initial consultation and further meetings to be conducted as a home visit, a visit to our offices in Louth, via telephone or video call or by completing our online form. Home visits can be arranged within a 20 mile radius of Louth.
Do you have Professional Indemnity Insurance?
The service we provide is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance held by Goodwills Legal Services Ltd with a £2,000,000 limit.
Why do you have limited information on the website?
The Internet has probably a trillion pieces of information or more about Estate Planning, Will Writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Lifetime Trusts and Probate and Estate Administration. We strongly believe that it is better to assess your assessment, and provide focused advice and recommendations, rather than providing you with lots of information where only 5 to 10% might be relevant to you.
Can you act as professional trustees / professional executors / professional attorneys?
Yes. You can specify that we act as professional executors or professional trustees to stop infighting after you die, or deal with a complex estate. It does not cost anything to name us in your Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney document, and a competitive charging structure is in place when we are required to act in our appointed capacity.
What happens if I don't want to proceed?
As long as you let us know before we agree the quotation and we start work, then we will be happy to not proceed, and remove your data from our systems. Our advice and recommendations only stand for our solutions, as all providers are different.
How do I pay for your services?
We accept card, cheque or bank transfer. Some solutions are available on a pay monthly basis. We request payment once you agree to proceed after the initial consultation and recommendations have been provided and costs have been agreed.