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Not the same!

You may have already noticed that not all Wills cost the same, but it doesn't mean that the cheapest Will is the worst and the most expensive is always the best or vice versa. Not all Wills are written the same, and not all Will Writing firms draft Wills that provide the same benefits. It is important that you make informed decisions, that whoever helps you provides an insured service, and they have a proven track record of getting it right - which only really comes to light after people pass away.

The most important thing is that your loved ones inherit as much as possible with the minimum of fuss.

So why choose Goodwills?

You get all the following benefits...

  1. 1. Goodwills provide an affordable advice led, professional Will Writing service, unlike many other firms which only take instructions. Our service ensures that you can make informed decisions, and that you are mad aware of solutions and steps to take so that you can reduce the risk of your Will failing, or being successfully challenged.

    You should ensure that your hard earned legacy is passed to your loved ones, and they are not disinherited because a mistake is made or something gets omitted.
  2. 2. Goodwills form a client - firm relationship unlike many other companies. Goodwills agree what you want your Will to deliver after you die, and Goodwills are responsible for ensuring that Goodwills have drafted your documents correctly, assuming you provide us with the correct information. Goodwills are insured for up to £2,000,000 per client.
  3. 3. Goodwills provide a home visit service that lasts around 90 minutes (give or take 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the situation), which gives yoru consultant time to understand your circumstances and make specific recommendations to your sitatuon. You can also ask any questions you might have. You should give your Will some thought and time so that your loved ones inherit as intended, and Goodwills provide that time, along with our expertise in the comfort of your own home.
  4. 4. Goodwills have made over 50,000 Wills since 2003 and not one of these Wills have been successfully challenged. Our flagship Home Protection Trust has also never been successfully challenged. Goodwills work hard to provide watertight documents that do exactly what they were designed to do.
  5. 5. Goodwills have access to a a range of powerful solutions, such as proven Will Clauses, Will Trusts, Lifetime Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure that your loved ones inherit as much as possible, with as little as possible being lost to taxation, disinheritance, lack of mental capacity and sideways disinheritance (all of these will be fully explained during your meeting with your Will Writing consultant.)
  6. 6. Goodwills offer an optional Future Proof Package which offers great value for money, and is affordable for the majority of our clients. This plan allows you to keep your documents up to date as your own circumstances change, and when the law and legislation changes too. When you die this service provides unlimited free advice for your Executors, so that they can deal with your estate efficiently and legally, and our expert team can do the work for them at a competitive price should they prefer too.
  7. 7. Goodwills is a member of PALS (The Professional Association of Legal Services) where the members ensure that if a member firm is unable to continue to offer its contracted services to its clients, for example should the firm close, or not be able to meet its liabilities then the other member firms will provide continuity for all of its clients.
  8. 8. Goodwills are completely transparent in regards to pricing. All pricing is shown on the website. Substantial discounts are available for clients who become a Future Proof Member.
  9. 9. Goodwills will write your Will or a pair of Joint Wills for £149 (inc VAT). This will include full advice in the comfort of your own home, from an experienced Will Writing Consultant. All documents will be drafted by our head office legal team (you will be given a named point of contact) and will be fully insured.
thinking about making sure the grandchildren inherit everything they should at the right time because they have made a proper Will