Lasting Powers of Attorney

Completing Documents Correctly & Timely Registration

Lasting Powers of Attorney allow a person with mental capacity to appoint people they trust to look after their affairs should they lose mental capacity through illness or accident.

If you lose mental capacity, and do not have lasting powers of attorney, loved ones cannot automatically make decisions on your behalf. This includes your spouse and immediate family.

They will have to make an application to the courts and the courts will make a judgement on who can manage your affairs, and what powers they have. It might be someone that doesn't know you at all such as social services or similar.

Applying through the courts is expensive, extremely stressful and onerous for as long as the person is appointed. It may take around 6 months or more to get a decision. This is why making Lasting Powers of Attorney whilst you can should be a priority at any time of life.

You might not ever need a Lasting Power of Attorney, but needing one and not having one is infinitely worse and potentially catastrophic than having one and not needing it. We offer a complete service, and our experience ensures that when the documents are required, they are completed correctly and ready to use!

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An elderly couple playing chess. A bit like making and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney - having to think many moves ahead