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Writing Your Will
Protect assets & loved ones

An expertly written Will protects your assets ensuring they pass to the right people at the right time. It also protects your loved ones from being disinherited, or coming to harm due to their inheritance.

You can also appoint guardians and set up a trust fund for minor children, protect a property so a spouse can live in it before it passes to children, ensure a business can continue to trade, providing tax benefits for future generations and more.

Making and Registering
Lasting Powers of Attorney

Appoint those you trust to make decisions on your behalf whilst you have capacity to do so, and then if you can no longer manage your own affairs they can take over seemlessly.

Without Lasting Powers of Attorney, if you become unable to make your own decisions a court application will be required, bringing with it a long delay, a huge amount of ongoing stress, and much higher costs before anyone can make decisions for you.

Estate Planning Service

Estate planning means different things to different people and different organisations. To us, it means looking at your situation as a whole, and understanding your wishes. We then provide recommendations that will deliver your required outcomes in plain English through careful use of Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We look at protecting your estate from being deminished before and after your death from third party costs (such as care home fees), taxes which can be mitigated, and protecting against money being taken away from your beneficiaries through other means. We also document our processes to ensure your Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney are more likely to stand up to challenge or scrutiny.

Advice, recommendations and a fixed price quotation will be provided without obligation before you decide whether you wish to proceed or not. We offer all new clients a no-obligation free consultation, available at our offices in Louth, in the comfort of your own home, or remotely, such as online or by telephone or email. Should you decide to proceed, then we will draft all the required documentation for you to check, and then we ensure everything is correctly put into place.

Probate & Estate Administration

Goodwills, along side their sister company, Premier Solicitors are able to provide a competitively priced Probate and Estate Administration service, which can include a home visit and help with completing all the required paperwork.

The Premier Solicitors legal team can provide as much support as you need, whether this be assistance with just the Probate forms, or they can deal with everything from start to finish. You will always have a local point of contact with your Goodwills Senior Estate Planning Practitioner.

If there is a dispute or a challenge, we have a contentious team on hand to try and deal with issues quickly and cost effectively. If Wills need to be altered due to mistakes or inefficiencies we have a team for this too.

The cost will be determined on an individual basis (depending on the work involved, the complexity of the estate, and the risks involved) and a fixed fee quotation will be provided, assuming circumstances do not change.

You can contact your local Senior Estate Planning Practitioner, Jon-Paul Edwards by phoning him on 01507 707123. You can email him at or you can use the "Let's Chat" facility by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

Goodwills: A better way...

About Goodwills

Goodwills was set up in 2003 and over the years have accumulated over 60,000 clients, and have written over 50,000 Wills and 20,000 Lasting Powers of Attorney during this time. They were aquired by Premier solicitors in 2013, and this allowed Goodwills to provide a wider range of services to their clients. The managing director of Goodwills is also a practicing solicitor and Notary at Premier Solicitors, meaning Goodwills can provide competitively priced services as a Will Writing company, and at the same time, clients can benefit from the expertise of the specialist teams at Premier Solicitors when required.

How Goodwills Works

Goodwills have experienced Estate Planning Practitioners located across England and Wales, providing services to clients in their local area. These local practitioners will be the client's point of contact, and the practitioners generally have a long history of providing great customer service, and high quality advice. They will provide advice and recommendations which are covered by the Goodwills Legal Services professional indemnity insurance. The head office legal team will produce all the paperwork and have the right legal qualifications to do so. The local practitioners works with the experienced legal team to provide a high quality service to our clients.

Goodwills Stands Out

Goodwills provide an advice led service, which ensures the client can always make informed decisions based on the recommendations provided. The way the business is structured means that clients do not usually need to pay VAT on top of the prices quoted, and costs are kept to a minimum. This ensures that the client gets a superior service and the right trusted outcomes, without the expected high price tag.

Always A Free Initial Consultation

At Goodwills, we offer every potential client a free, no-obligation initial consultation to ensure that they are comfortable with how we work, and see what we recommend before committing to working with us.

Goodwills Pricing Model

Our pricing varies based on the amount and expertise required from us. Our initial consultation is always free, and our advice and recommendations are provided without charge or obligation. Our prices are always competitive, and are based on the solutions chosen, the complexity of the situation, and the time we need to spend with each client.

Start with a free initial consultation

"Test drive" our services

You can choose to have this consultation face to face (either in the comfort of your own home if you are within a 20 mile radius of Louth, or at our offices at the Fairfield Enterprise Centre in Louth), by telephone, or by first completing our secure online form.

This consultation will help us understand what information and advice you require and we will provide advice and recommendations free of charge and without obligation. A bit like test driving a car - you need to know more than just the price before you know the solutions we offer are right for you.

Who can benefit?

You can use this service if you are considering arranging a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, or require help with administering the estate of someone who has recently passed.

You can also use this service if you have an existing will or lasting powers of attorney / enduring power of attorney which wasn't prepared by us, and you want to check that the privisions made will fully deliver your required outcomes.

Value for money is much more important than price when putting your provisions in place. However it is even more important that you have carefully prepared legal documents that reflect your requirements.

Not all Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney provide the same outcomes, and are not always written correctly for your circumstances or in your best interests. Chosing the right provider to draft the documents can literally make the difference between your desired outcomes being met or not.

We help people make the right decisions

Many people we see have an existing Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney or even Enduring Powers of Attorney which they have either made themselves, or had them made by another company. Many of these people do not have what they thought they had, or did not realise the limitations of what they have put in place. Some people even have documents that are not valid and will fail when someone tries to use them. We show them the issues we find, and provide advice and recommendations on how to address these. They can then choose how best to proceed.

Those looking to make their Will or consider Lasting Powers of Attorney for the first time can benefit from getting their paperwork correct from the outset because they have more information, and advice based on their personal circumstances from the outset. Making choices knowing all the relevent information is a lot more reliabile than hoping for the best.

What if you don't feel we are right for you?

Over 95% of people we see choose to proceed with some or all of our recommendations after an initial consultation. However, if you don't feel we are the right business for you to use, then, the same as test driving a car, there is no obligation to choose us or use our services. We will never put pressure on you to do anything you do not want to do.

How to book a free initial consultation

Please either call us on 01507 707123, email us on, or click the "Let's Talk" button on the bottom right hand side of the screen. We will arrange a convenient time with you. We can work evenings and weekends where required, and of course offer appointments throughout the day.

Client Testimonials

person on a tour
Mr & Mrs Britton

We have been really impressed

We have been really impressed with the service provided by Goodwills and Jon-Paul. Jon-Paul was really clear and helpful in helping us to understand the options in relation to our wills and the decisions we needed to make. He was also thorough and prompt in following up to make the process as easy as possible for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to write or update a will.

person on a tour
Mrs C Smith

A great asset to the company

Everything was made understandably easy for us and we were very happy with Jon Paul who we think is a great asset to the company.

person on a tour
Mr R Coburn

I would recommend you to anyone

I was impressed by the professional manner, where the process was explained clearly, you listened to my intentions for my will, and delivered it in timely form. The checklist finished the process in clear terms. I would recommend you to anyone.

Typical Price Guide

For Our Professional Services

All prices include VAT where applicable. Pricing based on the complexity of the work required, the extent of services provided and the added value of our solutions. Prices confirmed before work takes place and you commit to using our services, after the free initial consultation. Further discounts available if Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney are arranged at the same time.

Wills (each): £85 to £1,895

Lasting Powers of Attorney* (each) £118 to £495

*When Lasting Powers of Attorney are registered, the Office of the Public Guardian charge a fee of £82 to register each document. This may be reduced or waived depending on your annual income. This is in addition to our agreed fee.